User Testing for This WebSite

Communication Design Student

  1. Japanese Teacher

  2. Japanese Friend

  3. Mom

  4. High School Teacher  

  1. how long does it take to find my contact info? (コンタクトを送る場所を見つけるのにどれくらいかかったか)

    1. Like 5 min without looking for it.

    2. I found it twice very quickly.

    3. quickly

    4. 1min

    5. Like 3-5 min

  2. what piece do you think should be the first one on the page? (どのプロジェクトが最初にくるべきか)

    1. The piece you feel most confident

    2. Soft and squishy

    3. Thing that you are proud of

    4. Most recent one

    5. The project you feel most proud and that shows what you are interested in.

  3. Do you like the quote or things I love on my about page? (自分な好きなもののリストと好きな名言とどっちの方が私のことを知れるか)

    1. List of things.

    2. quote

    3. List of thing

    4. List of things

    5. List of thing

  4. what kind of person do you think this website belong to? (このウェブサイトからこのページを作った人はどんな人だと思うか)

    1. Calm like to do fun thing with code and also social justice

    2. Some that has many personality, clam, kind

    3. Someone who is comfortable being herself.  

    4. Hard working and good with hands  

    5. Someone who knows to be informational but in the customized way

  5. does it make you want to know about my projects? (各プロジェクトの情報はそのプロジェクトについてもっと知りたいと思わせるか)

    1. I think there is just enough for me to want to go in and look at demo.

    2. I think it is helpful that you have japanese as well and as non-technical person, it is good that you talk overall thing rather than technical thing.

    3. Getting the bigger concept right way made me want to know more about the project.

    4. Both depend on the projects

    5. I think the description of your projects are so interesting and with short paragraph, it gives enough info to grasp the whole concept and what you wanted to do.

  6. give me 3 word to describe the atmosphere of this web page. (このウェブページの雰囲気を3つのワードで表すなら何)

    1. Calm, practical, comfortable.

    2. Organized, playful, personalized.

    3. Familier, Colorful, Informational.

    4. Feminin, detailed, someone who like specific color theme

    5. Informational,  personalized,

  7. what is the things you hate about the webpage (このウェブサイトの嫌いなところは何)

    1. There are many text…  

    2. For the person who read both English and Japanese I am reading same thing twice…  

    3. I had hard time figuring out how to get back to homepage.

    4. How there are not much space between words  

    5. Having two resume next to each other is really in your face.  

  8. What is one thing you love about the website? (このウェブサイトの好きなところ1つは何)

    1. I like the overall feel of the website.

    2. I like how you tried to have your both languages in the website and you don’t need to click to change the language.  

    3. I like that you have thing not related to the school work too. You do make many things outside class and showing that is good I think.

    4. It’s easy to look at

    5. I like how you have Japanese as well in most of the part.

  9. If you were going to change one thing about this website, what would that be? (このウェブサイトの中でひとつ変えるなら何)

    1. Color of the bar chart.  

    2. I would make all the image at code part to gif.  

    3. I would have a home button.

    4. Change important words’ color

    5. I would write more on the technical theater part more.

  10. Do you think I should move the “learn more” button on the project page to the right side of the screen? (“learn more”のボタンの位置を右にするべきか左にするべきか)

    1. Right.

    2. Left.

    3. Right.  

    4. Right.  

    5. Right.

I think doing user testing, most useful part was the atmosphere part because there was certain that I was trying to get and I think I got that for the most of the part. I also was grad that most of people liked having Japanese in the page. I was really worried about that because it might be too much information. Also some thing I asked them to decided to me like Quote vs Things I Like or position of button. There was few thing I was not sure what is good for the site.