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better demo video coming soon...

In life there are moments where you try to fit in, and as a result you aren’t really you anymore.

The only way out is hidden in you. You are the key.

.../Soft and Squishy is an interactive screen-based installation that evokes a feeling of not belonging through a jelly-like character that transforms into other creatures in the sea. When the others realize that he’s different, they leave. Our character tries making friends in the same way, but after a while everyone dislikes him because they do not know him.

.../Soft and Squishy uses an aesthetic of “cute aggression” — the sensation of squishing something when you encounter something cute — to seemingly appeal to children but also to many other generations.





take away:

  • Changing the Appearance

  • Visual-based project

  • Strategize to keep systems in balance

  • Physical controller with body movement

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Thanks to the help of:

  • Courtney Snavely

  • Pam Luo

  • Marisa Jahn