Java, JavaScript, html, CSS, C++, Arduino, Processing, Maya, GoogleSketchUp, Aftereffect, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, i


Rian Ishikawa is a  Parsons to study Design and Technology. She strongly believes technology is what we need to explore in the world we all live in right now because digital art has the capacity to expand the idea of art . Art has been about the relationship between the artist to physical materials to viewers and something that once made and would be unchangeable other than decaying throughout time. But with digital art, artists can explore and represent them self freely not tied to the physical world. Digital technology could expand the space freely so it is possible to manipulate the space and send an idea and message of the artwork more directly to the audience. 

私、石川莉晏は Parsons の Design and Technology学科に通う大学生でテクノロジーとアートの関係性とアートにおけるテクノロジーの可能性を学んでいます. アートとは現実の素材や環境とアーティストとのその中でもテクノロジーはアートの世界にあった現実世界と溝ををより縮めるために必要なものだと感じその可能性を広げていける人になるために勉強をしています。


LOVE : Aliens (from Toy Story), Sea Turtles, Disney Parks, Japanese Idols, tiny shiny thing, Boba (and so many other food)